Thursday, October 27, 2011


Symphonia? When I was a sprout and barely knew what a symphony was, the word symphonia puzzled me.  It sounded like a musical piece played by children using only triangles, tambourines and bells.  According to The New American Dictionary of Music, a symphonia is indeed a symphony.  But it’s also “any of various medieval instruments, incl. the hurdy-gurdy.”  Jackpot!  Who doesn’t love a hurdy-gurdy, as immortalized by Donovan in the immortal tune Hurdy Gurdy Man"?  Did Donovan mean the hurdy-gurdy that looks like a lute or the crank model played on the streets?  Didn't know there were two kinds did you?  Music is even more exciting than you ever imagined.  

Donovan CD:    Troubadour : the definitive collection 1964-1976

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