Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Own Little Fashion Week

For Fashion Words, that is!  Today's word is:  flange.  In my innocence I have been erroneously referring to those extension-thingies on the backs of cars as 'flanges'.  Turns out they are spoilers. Anyway, isn't 'flange' a great word?  In the fashion world it can be applied to a collar, if the collar is 'spread out like a rim', or to the heel of a shoe if the heel flares out at the bottom.  Are we sensing a pattern?  Prepare for a 'spoiler'!  A flange shoulder has a pleat that extends out over the top of the sleeve.  Didn't see that one coming!  It's all so exciting!  What word will tomorrow bring?  I know, flange will be hard to top.  But I'll try.

Source: The fashion dictionary; fabric, sewing, and apparel as expressed in the language of fashion

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cboy said...

Interesting, but confusing(shoes that "flare out" at the bottom.