Monday, October 17, 2011

So Sumi !

Sumi-e, that is.  This style of Japanese ink painting dates back to 1400-ish.  Backgrounds are soft, even fuzzy because so much water is added to the ink and/or paper.  They meant to do that.  A 'dripping technique' may be employed, in which ink is allowed to flop off the tip of the brush on purpose!  Doesn't sound too impressive, does it?  Until you see some inky shadows defined with sharper strokes that transform into pine trees in the mist.  Gorgeous.  It's a very flowy style, well-suited to those like me who can't draw.  A few blobs, curves and stalks, Boom!  Bob's your uncle, or in this case, iris. That said I must admit I have not tried this style since college in 19mumblemumblemumble.  Maybe I'll start with abstracts.

Two books on sumi-e

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Very interesting.