Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stonehenge Unhinged

Stonehenge is awesome.  I got to see it once, but you couldn't touch the stones anymore due to vandalism. Stupidhead vandals.  I could not imagine how they got the lintel stones on top of the uprights.  Along comes Buildings that Changed the World!  (The exclamation point is mine, but you can see how the title demands it.)   So anyway, this book depicts a theory as to how "our neolithic ancestors" accomplished the feat.  With a lever and plenty of manpower.   They wedged the lintel stone up and built a scaffolding/stage, under the lintel.  Then the 'neoliths' did it all over again, eventually building many layers of scaffolding/stages until the lintel was high enough to maneuver it on top of the standing stones.  Et voila!  Those neoliths were so clever.

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