Wednesday, October 5, 2011

But What Else Can I Do With That?

We have a nifty new book entitled Real simple : 869 new uses for old things.  It's fun to browse! You can look up any Old Thing.  An odd use for dryer sheets:  if you have baked-on crud in your pan slap on the old dryer sheet, soak overnight and wipe out!  Another: if you have crud on the surface of your iron you can iron a dryer sheet on a low setting and remove said crud.  It's the crud-master! Did you forget to clean out that vase once you removed the old flowers and icky water?  I know I did! Antacid tablet to the rescuuueww- pour water in that vase, drop in the tablet then swirl it around after a few minutes and rinse.  Dental floss - pull it tight and push it through to cut cheesecake or soft cheese.  For all those times when you have cheesecake and floss but no knife.  What will they think of next?  Do I shudder?  Maybe.

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cboy said...

Awesome! This is sooo cool!