Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clean It Up

Some of us weren't born with the knowledge of effective cleaning techniques.  Some of us take the 'grab the washcloth and swipe it quick' approach which I am guessing is not optimal.  As with almost all contemporary problems, there's a book for this.  Let's see what the entertainingly-titled Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean has to offer.  Ooh, this one's new: to get food odors out of plastic containers, fill them with warm water and a little dry mustard.  Hey, that explains why I'm not a great housekeeper - I'm all out of dry mustard!  To get rust off a knife you can stick the knife in an onion for about an hour.  Then just try to use that knife to cut a piece of cake.  Did you think of that before you stuck it in an onion? Yeah. We don't have kids, but I live in the house so it's nice to know that a steel-wool pad filled with dry soap will take crayon marks off the wallpaper.  What?  I'm creative. And I have crayons.

House Cleaning Books (you won't believe how many!)

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cboy said...

You are so witty it cannot be contained!