Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing!  I thought you got ice from the freezer.  Ha!  Comedy.  Someday it will get really cold and the lakes and rivers will freeze over and the wooly mammoths will return from the north and take all the fish.  Wait a minute!  Mammoths don't eat fish!  More for you.   Apparently you need a 'flasher' in today's ice-fishing milieu, which on the face of it seems farcical.  Then I discover that this flasher is a sonar-utilizing device.  It can tell you where the fish is, if it likes your lure, whether or not it has father issues...  Cheating or gadget-enhanced fun?  Who am I to judge?

Ice fishing : the ultimate guide

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cboy said...

You are the wittiest blogger I know! Congrats!