Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make It All from Polymer Clay

Jewelry! Coasters! Dolls!  Rocket Ships!  Fuzzy Slippers!  Guess which ones I lied about?  You could make, like, tiny rocket ships and fuzzy slipper charms, so maybe I wasn't lying at all.  Did you think of that?  No. Polymer clay is the modern crafter's wonder stuff.  Ahem.  "Polymer clay is made of tiny particles of polyvinyl chloride suspended in a plasticizer, which keeps it pliable until heated, when the particles fuse into a hardened, durable plastic."  OK then.  FIMO, one of the best-known brands, takes its name from the daughter of the inventor. Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse worked with her father Kaethe's clay, using it in mosaics, miniatures and other creations. The original moniker was FIMOIK, a combination of Sophie's nickname (Fifi), modeling clay and mosaic.  No explanation as to how a German girl got a French nickname.  Some questions just can't be answered.

Polymer Clay Craft Books
Source:  Polymer Clay A Modern Medium Comes of Age. 
Ornament, 2011, Vol.
as accessed through EBSCOhost.  DMPL card and PIN required for access.
34 Issue 4, p38-45,

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