Thursday, October 20, 2011

PAR-TY! (Got that house cleaned yet?)

Sure you do, what with all the tips from yesterday!  We've got party planning publications to get you started on your next step as you stumble toward the holiday season.  First of all, if your guests will be eating standing up or balancing plates on their laps whilst perched on a chair, think Finger Foods.  We barely have enough hands to hold our drinks and stuff our faces, much less handle utensils.  Bonus:  no utensils to wash!  You can have a party with healthy food!  A party with cheap food!  (I love cheap food!)  A party with easy, stress-free food, otherwise known as the only kind I would attempt to throw!  Someday I'd like to throw (toss? hurl?  fling?) a Halloween party.  Not this year though.  Two weeks is not enough time to work myself up into a satisfactory tizzy. 

Party Planning Books (Including partying in your garden.  At night.)
The everything cocktail parties and drinks book : the ultimate guide to creating colorful concoctions, fabulous finger foods

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