Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tipping the Scale

When I was young and naive, a friend and I patronized the 'Guess Your Weight' guy at the State Fair.  We were very pleased that we 'won' since the gentleman could not indeed guess our weight.  It was years before I figured out that the dollar we paid for the 'guess' would have purchased 10 of the prizes we won.  But what the heck, it was fun. Should you choose to play some of the carnival games at the fair, here's a tip:
"Milk-Can Toss: Never throw the ball directly at the center, as you would a basketball. Instead, aim for the edge of the closest lip and make sure to throw with a big arc."
That milk-can money adds up. The country's largest fair, (but not The Best State Fair in Our State) the State Fair of Texas, takes in about $4 million from these games.  Yowsa.

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