Tuesday, August 2, 2011


For some, this is the only way to carve.   With Power Tools!    We are way beyond whittling here, folks.   The details you can achieve with these tools are stunning.   What tools you ask?   Well, if you want to carve birds you need your 'Micro-Motor Machine'.   It does not have the high torque of the flexible shaft machine.   I thought you should know.   The Micro-Motors are little and light carvers that can get you the teeny-tiny cuts you need for feathers and the wee ribs on a bird's claw.   Oh! Oh!  Vocabulary alert!   When you are carving out large chunks of wood it's called wasting - or hogging.   Yeah, I said hogging.   Whether you wish to hog or detail your piece, the book Power Carving Manual is your source for all things torque. 

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