Tuesday, August 23, 2011

American Industry! What Defines 'Food'?

While conducting research by using this book you may run across the heading Food and Kindred Products.  Plus its sub-heading 'Natural, Processed and Imitation Cheese'. Well that explains it - the whole 'cheese food' 'cheese product' mystery.  They could be kindred products, not unlike food but not exactly food either!  As for actual cheese it's been around since about 6000 B.C.  Not just tasty, cheese held up well enough to be a popular take-along for travelers and armies. How well does cheese hold up today?   Well let's find out.  Kraft Foods Inc., the leading cheese producer in the United States, collected $6.8 billion of cheesy revenue in 2009.  Not bad for a category that includes 'Kindred Products'.

Source:  Encyclopedia of American Industries as accessed through Gale Virtual Reference Library DMPL card number and PIN required for access

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