Monday, August 15, 2011

Racy Names

Race Horses, that is!  They have the best and oddest names.  War Admiral, Seabiscuit, Man o' War - they sound more like ships than steeds.  Then there's your Barbaro, your Dan Patch, your Funny Cide.  Whimsical names!  My favorites are the names that you'd never call your pet. The following are actual registered horse names,  brought to by the Jockey Club Registry

A Girl On Each Arm
D C Midnight Tango
Dinner At Jackies
Halo's Big Racquet
Umbrella Bag Nite
Jesse's Gone West
Maggie's Revenge

Now I know you want to read Race Horse Biographies!  To find more more more book lists from our Fabulous Readers Lists just click!

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I saw the new "Secretariat" movie a while back, and really liked it. The race horse biographies section is handy for those interested in horse racing. Thanks!!