Monday, August 22, 2011

Man, These Stripes are Hard to Get Off

This is a picture of a Burchelli's Zebra, also known as the plains zebra.  Or, as most of us know it, A Zebra. There's more than one kind of these stripy beasts!  Who knew?  Another one grammatically owned by a person is Grevy's Zebra.  More stripes and they're thinner.  The stripes that is. The animals themselves are bigger.  Grevy's zebras weigh 990 pounds!  Let's call it a ton and get out of their way.  Then there's the mountain zebra with a tan muzzle and a dewlap.  A dewlap.  They've got little flaps on their necks, like a turkey's only way less gross. What the heck is that 'dewing' on a zebra?  Ha!  We try to leave you laughing, folks.  Or groaning?

Source:  Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia.
 Photo Credit: Glenn Franco Simmons


Sarah Elsewhere said...

Many years ago I did an 4th grade report on zebras, including the extinct Quagga. A brownish zebra that only had stripes on its front half!

cboy said...

Very informative, and funny too!

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing :D