Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check It Out Here, Return It There!

Did you know that you can return your items to any of our six buildings, no matter which library you checked out?   Well you can!   Plus as a bonus you can use our drop boxes for any-time returns. Check out Monday morning at East Side, return to South Side Saturday evening - all over town, any time of day! 
Library Locations:
CENTRAL LIBRARY: 1000 Grand Avenue, 50309
EAST SIDE LIBRARY: 2559 Hubbell Avenue, 50317
FOREST AVENUE LIBRARY: 1326 Forest Avenue, 50314
FRANKLIN AVENUE LIBRARY: opens at 5000 Franklin on August 22
NORTH SIDE LIBRARY: 3516 Fifth Avenue, 50313
SOUTH SIDE LIBRARY: 1111 Porter Avenue, 50315

The Des Moines Public Library.  Making it convenient for you!

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