Tuesday, August 16, 2011

USDA Nutrition Database

Want to know how much water is in a bagel? What the lipid situation is? Does it have a lot of ash? I kid you not, ash. Then the USDA "National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference" is just the thing. It's easy to search, I just typed in 'bagel'. But I did get more hits with 'bagel' than I did with 'bagels'. Hmmm. The amount of info is staggering. I don't know what a kJ is other than some kind of energy measurement. But it's there when I need it. And of course it does not break out your brand name products, but you can choose the size of the food item which is handy. It even does lasagna, admittedly frozen. Even the USDA doesn't know what you put in your pasta dishes. Or do they?
USDA Nutrition Database When you want to know more than you want to know.


Anonymous said...

Does it include deep-fried butter on a stick?

cboy said...

Very interesting! I looked up Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup, and I was able to find one that told me more than I need to know. cool beans!