Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creature Domination!

Who will inherit the earth when humankind bites the dust?  Maybe not cockroaches.  Personally, I'd rather they didn't.  There are other candidates for meek-dom.  (Get it?  Earth inheritance?  Meek?  No?) These invasive species have a shot.
1.  Nutria!   Not a breakfast cereal but 12-15 pound rodent pests, reproducing like crazy and destroying other species' swampy habitats.  In addition to these survival traits there is evidence that they live happily ever after in polluted areas.  Plus they're ugly.
2.  A really nasty squid, called the 'red devil' by Mexican fishermen.  Actually named the Humboldt squid, these babies grow to 5 feet in the space of a couple years and swarms of them are appearing far from their usual habitat.  The stuff of nightmares, they have hooks around the suctions cups so there is no escape!  If only they'd eat Nutria.
For more on this subject read the book that is the source of the above information: Super species : the creatures that will dominate the planet by Garry Hamilton


cboy said...

You are so smart! These blogs are super-informative and fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, such scary thought.