Thursday, August 25, 2011

Calvin and Hobbes

I miss 'em, I do.  Aside from Stone Soup, Calvin and Hobbes was one of the few comic strips that showed librarians a little respect.  When Calvin calls the library and, using a cheesy French accent, asks for a list of scatological terms the librarian hangs up.  Calvin's take:  "Those librarians are a sharp bunch".   Calvin calls the library asking for books on why girls are so weird.  When the librarian finds no information on the subject Calvin says he 'bets the library just doesn't want anyone to know'.   Nuh-unh!   We do want people to know!    We'll do our darndest to find out!   But what can we do if girls just aren't weird?   At least we have more Calvin and Hobbes books than you can shake a stuffed tiger at. 

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