Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Your Brain - One Simple Secret To Losing the Flab?

You can use brain exercises to keep yourself sharp while you and it inevitably age.  One book with 'brain teasers' is Visual IQ Tests.  Know how I figured out this book is British?  I open it up and the first question I see is "Which bottle is not proper?"  Ummm - the one eating spaghetti with its fingers?  By the way, I picked the wrong bottle.  And I think that test was an easy one.  Now scientists are saying brain exercises delay the onset of dementia, but once dementia hits it gets worse faster in patients who did brain exercises.  However the amount of time spent in this declined state is shorter than it is for brain non-exercisers.  If you keep up with your crosswords and Sudoku and brain push-ups, you may still get dementia and it may get worse faster but it won't last as long.  Definitely still worthwhile, just not quite what we'd hoped.

Source:  Active minds delay dementia, at first. USA Today 9/2/2010
as accessed through EBSCOHost
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