Monday, June 20, 2011

If you want it ...

You know how you can call us to request that we purchase an item not yet in our collection?  Sure you do.  Now you, the dedicated reader and library user, can make requests online!  Even at 3 in the morning when your jammies can't sleep.  Just go to our online catalog, and at the top one of your options is Suggest a Title.  Click on this and you are in our Patron Suggestion Form, the patron being you.  The form is a long one and we do need all that information.  There are 10 spots on the form with little orange asterisks next to them and all those spots must be filled in.  It's so cool that you put in the link to the book/movie/cd/what-have-you because then we're sure we are getting the one you want.  A few tips.  It's less likely that we will buy a book more than a couple years old unless it's replacing a classic.  Barnes and Noble lists all kinds of books that are available in Nook form only, so beware these if you want a print book.  All the online bookstores list out-of-print items, so if it says 'not available' that's one to avoid.  To prevent the electronic burial of your friendly library employees we are setting a limit of 10 requests per month.  Have fun, Library Nation!

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