Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garage Sale Season

I was at a garage sale last weekend and purchased a 1950's Samsonite train/makeup case for a dollar!  And I Love It!  Many of you may wish to divest your homes of extraneous possessions, so have a garage sale. A couple tips from Better Homes and Gardens:  Clean stuff!  That doodad is ever-so-much more attractive if it is sparklin'.  Display things vertically if you can - that gives you more space to work with and catches the buyer's eye. Use every weapon in your arsenal to triumph! If I'm lucky I'll be there to buy something dazzling. 

An article on how to price your stuff:
For What It's Worth., Aug2009, Vol. 32 Issue 14, p47-50,
accessed through EBSCOHost

Better Homes & Gardens, May2011, Vol. 89 Issue 5, p84-90, 4p,

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2 from South think you are very witty indeed!