Friday, June 24, 2011

Color Me Sleepy

Color Psychology: the supposition that the color you choose to paint your room may have a profound effect on your mood. If you wish to feel:
Dynamic - Jewel Tones!  Forget the coffee because you won't be able to sleep anyway!
Nurturing  - Aahh, pastels. When you need to run screaming from your dynamic room you can cuddle up in your baby blanket colors.
Whimsical  - Bright but toned down from the jeweled hues. The energy is more lighthearted.  Your playtime room!
Tranquil  - Gentle blues, gentle greens, water tones.  Pretty much you walk in this room keel over and fall asleep.  I'd put the mattress just inside the door.
Wasn't this fun?  Especially since I exaggerated everything!  For something resembling actual facts, take a look at this article:
the colors of life. 
Positive Thinking, Mar/Apr2008, p38-45, 8p,
as accessed through EBSCOHost

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