Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I hate walnuts.  Peanuts are delicious, almonds are pleasant, most other nuts are inoffensive.  There I am, reading a horrible serial killer mystery and savoring a luscious brownie when Bleah!  Once I hit that walnut I can't taste anything else.  Remember the other day when I wanted a panacea?  OK, you don't, but anyway.  It appears that the vile walnut is in the running as a sort of cure-all.  Some of the potential positive effects of walnut chewing - still in testing:
     Lower your risk of breast cancer.
     Lower your risk of heart disease by diminishing the 'ratio of cholesterol to HDL ("goood") cholesterol'. 
     Get a brain boost
I still don't think I'll be choking down a handful of walnuts any time soon.  More for you! 

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As accessed through EBSCOhost;  DMPL library card required for access.

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