Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Female Basketball

Girls Basketball in Iowa.  My grandmother played high school basketball.  And she was born in 1900, folks. So silly me, I thought girls basketball was both ancient and ubiquitous in our fine state.  Surprise!  I didn't have a clue.   Des Moines schools did not start girls basketball competitions until the fall of 1973.  You always think of the metropolitan areas breaking ground, cutting the edge, up-to-dating.  Many small towns like Linn Grove and Mallard have been playing girls basketball since the 1920's. So Des Moines was only 50 years behind.  Of course, Des Moines had multiple schools and lots more girls to deal with, so maybe that was part of the delay. Here are the six teams that took to the court in 1973:

Source: Des Moines Register 1/14/1973 p. 4B

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