Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hungry Yet?

I finally read the Hunger Games so now I'm heavily invested in the casting for the movie.  What!  You've never heard of Hunger Games? Oh, you've been too busy keeping up with the Twilight Saga.  Gotcha. Hunger Games 101: in a dystopian future residents of each of the 12 Districts are required to send tributes, in the form of two young people, to the annual Hunger Games. But the Games aren't your lighted-hearted Olympics.  Tributes are required to fight to the death and 'young' includes 12 years old. The whole thing is televised and viewing by friends and family and, well, everybody, is mandatory.  I was surprised by how moving the book is.   There are some very tender moments and less carnage than I'd presumed.  But there is some carnage. So Katniss is the main character and Jennifer Lawrence has been cast in that role. If you have any doubt at all that Lawrence can play a tough young woman check out the movie Winter's Bone, she's amazing.  So they did good with Katniss.  Josh Hutcherson from The Kids Are All Right will be Peeta. Hutcherson can be sensitive without being gooey. Another good choice. So I am on the Hunger Game bandwagon big time and recommend you all read it.  It's just a darn good book.

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