Friday, June 3, 2011

Genealogist Season - Hey! Out-of-Town Genealogists

Due to an unfortunate series of budget cuts, the Des Moines Public Library cannot offer you research services. However, the State Historical Society of Iowa Library (yeah, and you thought our name was long) posts a Professional Researchers List. Two things to keep in mind: A. 'professional' means 'paid'  B. The State Historical Society of Iowa Library "neither endorses the researchers on the list, nor assumes responsibility for the researchers' availability, schedule of fees, or research results". They just offer the list as a courtesy. Which is really nice, you don't have to find researchers one at a time. We do offer an index to the local newspapers. Keep in mind: A. 'index' means just a list of articles, not the articles themselves. To use, go to our News and Obit Index. Type in the person/subject your are researching. If you find some articles you'd like, take the complete information - including page number - to your local library and they can get a copy for you through the Inter-Library Loan system. So we can't conduct research for you, but we can make a nifty research tool available. Happy hunting!

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