Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take a Picture

As my husband and I drove past A and E the other day, I noticed the cow statues and thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be cool to have your picture taken with the cows?  I'll bet there are lots of places in Des Moines that would make a great backdrop for a snapshot!"  Down by the river the Chinese Pagoda is a bright little flower.  The Pappajohn Sculpture Garden has a wide range of art - love the horses. How about the Traveler's Umbrella?  You can't exactly climb up there but a friend suggested you might be able to pose yourself at ground level so it looks like you're holding a teeny tiny bumbershoot.  At the Des Moines Art Center you can actually position yourself inside a couple of the cairns (eggs).  I'm sure I'm missing all kinds of nifty places. Suggestions?
A book with photos of Des Moines:


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Living History Farms

Anonymous said...

The gold lion statue between Park Avenue and George Flagg Pkwy in Des Moines. I can't think of the business that owns it, but I drive by it all the time. I once made a friend stop her car so we could take pictures with the statue- in the dead of winter!