Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What do You Have to Say for Yourself, Carl August Sandburg?

When in Des Moines on Thursday 3/13/1939 Mr. Sandburg did not have much to say in regards to his work.  But he was willing to chat about other subjects while the wife of Drake President D. W. Morehouse was ferrying Sandburg to catch his train, with reporter Robert W. Roet tagging along.  Sandburg had spent the previous evening singing and playing the guitar (!) at the Morehouse's home. Carl, that rogue,  mentioned he had dated the wife of Judge O. S. Franklin while attending college in Galesburg.  Then he averred that interviews 'made goulash out of his statements anyway'.  Sounds like a fun car ride.

Source:  Des Moines Tribune, 3/16/1939 p. 16

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kprp said...

Hello! The "wife of judge O.S. Franklin" is my great aunt.

Her name was Virginia Henney Frnaklin. Our family has the newspaper clipping that tells about Sandburg's visit to Des Moines and his rendevous with Virgie. While it's true that they were an "item" when they were in college, she ended up marrying a successful attorney who later became a judge.

I have her big platinum diamond engagement ring, something a poor poet (Sandburg) couldn't afford!