Monday, September 27, 2010

Uncrunchy Serials

Serials are a little different in our catalog.  Your Fodor's travel guides, your World Almanac's, your magazines.  Say you want to put a reserve on one of these babies.  For a novel you'd just search the title, click on the title, click on Reserve Item and pop in your library card number and PIN.  Serials are wily.  Actually, the computer needs to know which exact copy you want, because we have many many issues of People Magazine.  So here is how you reserve an item that is part of a serial:
When you get to that which you desire, say, Fodor's Prague and Budapest, click on the title. But wait, you cry!  There's only one of these!  Still part of a serial, have to follow the steps. To the left under Item Information click on Holdings.  Next under Copy/Holding Information over to the right click on Request Copy. Now you can mosey on through the rest of the usual reserve process.  And just to keep things interesting not all travel guides are serials. One or the other reserve processes should work.  Remember, we're here for you.  283-4152 press 3.

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