Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alcohol, Raisins, Arthritis, Oh m.....What?

You remember Paul Harvey.  The broadcaster, who died in February 2009, wielded a significant amount of influence in the Heartland.  Here's a surprise:  Mr. Harvey aired an arthritis remedy that consisted of gin-soaked raisins.  I forgot - golden raisins.  No garden-variety school-lunchbox raisins need apply. Apparently after his broadcast mentioning this, sales of golden raisins in areas with more elderly people shot up.  Oh the power of the media!  If you prefer a more modern remedy, Consumer Reports on Health says fish oil supplements may help arthritis sufferers.  Gin-soaked golden raisins sound like more fun.  If you like raisins.

Source:  Des Moines Register 5/29/1995 p. 3A
Consumer Reports on Health; May2010, Vol. 22 Issue 5, p1-5, 3p, 4 as accessed through EBSCOhost

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