Monday, September 13, 2010

Way Outer Limits

On Sept 13,1963, The Outer Limits premiered. This poor cousin of The Twilight Zone built tension like nobody’s business, what's that noise outside? A giant alien? Maybe.  Did you know that it was two episodes of The Outer Limits that provided the foundation for the Terminator movies? The episodes were: Soldier, in which a human killing machine is transported back from the future; and Demon with a Glass Hand, who is sent back from a future in which earth has been conquered by aliens - and discovers he is a robot who for the next 1200 years must guard that which will save human kind. Both episodes were written by Harlan Ellison, who sued (you do not mess with Harlan Ellison). Ellison is now acknowledged in the writing credits for Terminator and I know we’re all very excited for him.  The following would be an excellent introduction to Ellison's work:
The essential Ellison : a 35-year retrospective

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