Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ACT Practice, Practice, Practice,

Do you know about our fabulous online resource, the LearningExpress Library?  LEL includes actual study guides for exams like...  the ACT!!  Practice online from the comfort of where ever you keep your computer!  Here's how:
1. On our homepage, click on Online Resources.
2. Choose Learning Express Library.
3.  Enter your Des Moines Public Library card number.  The whole thing.  Add your PIN which is usually the last 4 numbers of your telephone number.
4.  You will need to set up an account - just a user name and password of your choosing - whether you use the database in the library or from home. The only reason this is required has to do with one of the database's coolest features.  If you don't complete a test in one session it remembers where you stopped and holds your place! So it has to know who you are.
5.  LearningExpress also asks you for an email address. You Do Not Have to Provide One.  Just click on Continue.  You can also click on Do Not Show Me This Again if you want them to cut it out.  So go on now and study for your ACT.  Doesn't matter if you forgot your book at school.  We're not even sorry.
LearningExpress Library Test Preparation

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