Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Now What is the Yellow one for?

Yellow's not so great.  You thought blue was the ultimate prize?  There are ribbons even better than the blue one. According to the Iowa State Fair Board in 1961, two colors were better than blue and there were lots of other colors in general.  Ready? Go!
Royal Purple -- Grand Champion
Lavender -- Reserve Champion
Blue -- 1st
Red -- 2nd
White -- 3rd
Pink -- 4th
Yellow -- 5th
Dark Green -- 6th
Light Green -- 7th
Tan -- 8th
Gray -- 9th
Light Blue -- 10th
Notice how the colors get less vivid after 6th place?  Maybe those ribbons are modest.  And you do run the risk of mixing up Lavender and Light Blue.  But the Iowa State Fair is so much more than ribbons.  Here's a book about the Iowa State Fair that looks like fun for all!

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