Friday, October 1, 2010

My Hero!

What would your name be if you were a superhero?  There's a generator for that.  All the names are male but let's face it so are most B-Movie heroes.  Male, that is.  My name doesn't sound very action-packed:  Brewster Corbett.  How could they tell I'm a librarian?  Here are a few people I subjected to this process:
A.  Male Librarian:  Blake Chesthair
B.  One of My Sisters:  Sebastian Petitjean  (Okay, maybe it's my family not my profession.)
C.  Non-Librarian Library Employee:  Captain Fisthammer!  That one had to have an exclamation point!
D.  Retired Male Librarian:  Perry Bravethunder
E.  Vegetarian  Librarian:  Derak Beefgnaw
F.  Female School Librarian:  Bradley Vanderhuge
Of course they could tell I'm a librarian!  Everyone I know is a librarian!    Fortunately, terrific people work in libraries.
Now go get your very own name. Cape not included. Or batteries.
You can also gorge yourself on Superhero comic books, strips, etc.!

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