Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treat for other Kids

Trick or Treat for UNICEF!  2010 is the 60th anniversary of this program, can you believe it?  Back in 1950 one Mary Emma Allison witnessed a UNICEF parade with costumed children and a banner proclaiming that one penny would buy 20 glasses of milk.  The costumes brought to mind Halloween when kids went door-to-door getting handouts anyway.  Mary Emma thought the little ones should carry small milk cartons for the contributions. Penny = milk.   She collected the cartons from school, washed them up and attached an orange band.  Repurposing, we like to call it.  And a lot of work.  Now they use nifty orange boxes and UNICEF has been receiving $4 million annually.   We'll see what happens in the future because they're introducing an iPhone app for donations.  Will the kids be going door to door with their phones?  Long live the little orange boxes!  People can donate all year on their phones.  Yay!

Source:  Morning Edition (NPR); 10/25/2010 as accessed through EbscoHost Student

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