Friday, October 29, 2010

Trilogy of...Scary Stuff!

My new reliable horror author is Alexandra Sokoloff. Her stuff is a bit old- fashioned, which is refreshing. Sokoloff is fond of college students who get in waaay over their heads. Some don't get to keep them!  Ha!  Ooooh, dabbling in ESP and Ouija Boards and all sorts of The Haunting of Hill House creepies.  The novel that isn't a Shirley Jackson homage involves college students drawn into a cult by a charismatic, if cowardly, guy. The third book revolves around a sick child....and a bad hospital!! Ahhh!  Bad hospitals are full of sick people who aren't strong enough to help themselves, and other people won't believe them about crazy goings-on because the patients are in a hospital and may be imagining things! Man, just the thought of a bad hospital leaves me twitchy. Here are the three titles:
The harrowing
The price
The unseen

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