Monday, October 18, 2010


There are words you don't hear here in Des Moines.  Two of these are 'hosey' and 'do-funny'.  Guess what they mean.  Give up?  'Hosey' is an East Coast (Massachusetts anyway) term for 'call' or 'hog' when hog is used as a verb. Instead of 'I call a window seat'! and Don't hog the TV!' one would say 'hosey'.  I like that word.  It couldn't be mistaken for anything else.  Neither could 'do-funny'.  During my childhood whenever there were left-over pie crust pieces we would spread jam on them, fold them over and bake.  That was a do-funny. Dee-licious.  Haven't found anyone outside my family who uses that word.  Yet.  I know you're out there. Reading books like this:
Ballyhoo, buckaroo, and spuds : ingenious tales of words and their origins

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