Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scaaaaaary Jokes

What do you call a skeleton cow with a guitar?  A moosician!  See what I did there?  The original joke didn't have 'skeleton' in it and had nothing to do with Halloween.  Add skeleton, spider, ghost, zombie, mummy, black cat - any of these words and voila!  You have a seasonal funny.  Just like in the old sci-fi TV shows in which they didn't change the names of stuff, just put the word 'space' in front.  "Johnny, be sure to use you space toothbrush before you get into your space jammies."  Oh! Speaking of ghosts, what do you call a ghost with a guitar?  A boooosician.  I just made that up!  Can you tell?  Why did the mummy cross the road twice?  It was a double crosser!   What do you call a zombie with a banana in each ear?  Nothing, it can't hear you!  So if you need fresh yuks for Beggars' Night, get a joke book and change the names. The books are under the subject heading Wit and Humor, Juvenile.   Kind of appropriate, isn't it?

Wit and Humor, Juvenile

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You are ready for the little ones