Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Groovy Man

Vinyl records are groovy.  And 'cool' and 'sweet' and 'awesome' in my opinion.  But the groovy part is fact!  If you've seen really old record albums you might've noticed how thick the rings are.  The 'microgroove' was developed  in 1948 and its further refinement led to the shiny smooth vinyl we know and cherish today.  As of 1976, here's how many grooves they were sandwiching in:
Average: 250 grooves to the inch
7" record - 1,750 grooves
12" record - 3,000 grooves
After all this grooving don't you just feel like pulling out the old hip huggers, beads and... Oh. Right.  You can get all that at Penney's. Again.  I heard vinyl's making a comeback too. Wonder how many grooves there are now?

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Anonymous said...

I remember Song of the Luddite, very catchy tune