Friday, October 15, 2010

Possibly the Best Horror Novel of which You've Never Heard

The Ceremonies!  T. E. D. Klein is not prolific but when he writes the result is extraordinary.  Inexplicable acts connect with unimaginable beings! The sense of doom -never spelled out, just implied - has you nervously hunched over the book waiting for disaster.  Like Lovecraft, to whom he owes a debt, this is truly American horror grounded in the national character. That is, we work hard and expect the visible to be solid and real.  The villain is a pleasant, reassuring old man named Rosie who was contacted as a boy by something nasty. He is cute as a button and setting things in motion for the emergence of his horrifying non-human master!  Fans of Peter Straub's supernatural works will enjoy this.  I only wish the man would write more often.

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