Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We Are Open! And Shakespeare Heat

It's been so hot, I found myself worrying about the Repertory Theater of Iowa who will be presenting, in full costume,  the comedy "As You Like It," on the Lawn at Salisbury House and Gardens, July 21-24.  Ouch!  I'm guessing they are not going the Full Elizabethan.  Just the underclothes for the women would include:

Smock or shift, or chemise.  (Not all 3 at once.)
Corset or bodice
Farthingale - a hooped skirt
A Roll or Rowle - a roll of fabric tied around one's middle to make the skirt stand out from the waist
Stomacher - a triangular panel of fabric that goes over the bodice and comes to a point at the waist
Kirtle - undershirt
Forepart - a fancy underskirt, partly visible under a 'v' cutout in the skirt
Partlet - a high necked chemise, or an Elizabethan dickie?

And then you put on the dress.  Which is not exactly light as air in itself.  So good luck to the fine folks of the Repertory Theater of Iowa!  We wish you fair weather in July!  Not holding our breath, but still.

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