Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Steam Heat. Cool It!

I can't stand it.  The heat is making me nuts and it is far from over, my friends.  Air conditioning, fans, light clothing - I've tried it all yet the misery lingers on.  Next stop:  Psychological warfare.  I'm talking movies that will ice up your eyeballs right in your head.  And it will feel good.  You know what tops the list.  Takes place in Russia ...Julie Christie... Lara's Theme... the doctor is in!  Pop Doctor Zhivago in that DVD player and fast forward through any part that looks like it might have temps above freezing.  Aaaahh. Then include these in your freeze film fest:  FargoLet the Right One InThe Shining;  A Simple PlanMisery.  Hmmm.  Most of these are kind of creepy.  Maybe they'll give you the shivers.  Bonus!

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Cool post! (ha)