Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Similes Smiles

I admit it.  I'd forgotten all about similes. Merriam-Webster online defines them thusly:  "a figure of speech comparing two unlike things".  The following are adorable.
Cruel as the pinch of a painless dentist —Sydney Munden
Lively as grasshoppers —Samuel Lover
Glittering like the spangled dewdrop —Sir Walter Scott
Smug as April —Beaumont and Fletcher
Prancing like a bean-fed horse —Rudyard Kipling
Absurd as to ask a man if he’ll have salt on his ice cream —Anonymous
Foolish as an endeavor to make a lobster climb a tree and give a report of the atmospheric conditions —Anonymous

That Anonymous is pretty sharp.  Why, you might say sharp as a tack!  hahahahaha
Source:  A Dictionary of Similes By Frank J. Wilstach
as accessed through Bartleby.com

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Anonymous said...

Clever as a soaring eagle