Thursday, July 14, 2011

Auto Info: Oh That's Where the Doohickey Is!

Our fabulous Auto Repair Reference Center has a new feature. You can still look up your car and find specifications, wiring diagrams, and diagnostic information.  But now you can take a video tour through a generic car and find out where mysterious mechanisms like the 'Baro sensor' are.  Turns out the Baro sensor, if you have one, discovers that whoops!  you've driven way up in the mountains, you maniac. So said Baro sensor tells the computer to adjust the air/fuel mixture for optimum performance!  If you click on 'Baro sensor' you can watch little videos about it.  Baro sensors!  They are too cool for school.  Baro sensor, Baro sensor, Baro sensor.  Now I promise to stop saying it.

Auto Repair Reference Center
DMPL Library Card and PIN required for access

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Cool new feature