Thursday, July 21, 2011


Remember the octopus-thing Princess Beatrice wore on her head at the Royal Wedding?  Of course you do, it will haunt our dreams for years to come.  Let us review Hat Horrors from the past:
Between 1600 and 1700 there was your fontage; a cap with tall tiers of linen formed with wire.  If you're lucky you get one that resembles a pipe organ.
From 1700-1795 hats the size of small countries were needed to cover the enormous hair styles.  Gotta have a callash.  Imagine wearing the cover of a conestoga wagon for a hat only it's made out of silk and it's collapsible.  The ultimate in comfort.
1795-1799 saw the rise of the poke bonnets.  Innocent, right?  Laura Ingalls Wilder wore one!  But hers didn't have a 'bill' that stretched way out in front of her face providing blinders and 'poking' the back of the person in front of her in line.  Hats are fun.  Which way to the next Royal Chapeau-wearing Event?  We are so there.

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