Thursday, April 28, 2011

Upcycling Your Old Stuff

Upcycling.  Isn't that a cool word?  Nothing to do with hills and muscle power.  It's a new term for taking materials you might have recycled and making something new out of them.  Say a bowl out of glossy magazine pages.  Or remember the necklaces you used to make out of gum wrappers?  Sure you do.  You can use the same technique to make a purse! Make a clock from a CD!  Ha!  Rubber stampers have been doing this for years!  They can put their superior hats on now.  Most of this stuff is pretty good- looking too, but you need a high tolerance for BRIGHT.  Oh oh, another fun new word - plarn.  Short for 'plastic yarn' because you can knit with plastic bags!  Ecofriendly and fun.

Books on Upcycling, Recycled Crafts, Trash to Treasure.  Ah, the evolution of nomenclature.

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