Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pay Attention When You Eat That Cruller

It's Emotional Overeating Awareness Month! Wheee!  Why do we eat when we're scared, sad, anxious, etc.?  When we had to say, get a shot as children, we were often comforted with food.  It was very effective!  But when we were kids someone else controlled our food intake. Now we are on our own. That, of course, is only one theory. We have to figure out other ways to comfort/treat ourselves and I gotta tell ya the "go for a walk, call a friend, take a bubblebath" suggestions - none of those do it for me.  Partly because they are way more work than opening a candy bar.  So I'm still looking for something to replace the word "food" in "comfort food".  Maybe something in these books would be useful!  I should read them!  I'd still eat comfort food sometimes though. No point obsessing.

Books for People Who Worry About Emotional Eating

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Sarah Elsewhere said...

Happily next month is International No Diet Day (May 6)!