Thursday, April 7, 2011


I can point to any car on the road and my husband knows what it is.  This is like magic to me.  He is a car fiend and his favorite magazine is Automotive News.  Oh my gosh, he can find out 'North American car and truck production from January to March 27 2011'. Heeaaaven!.  There were 18,836 Chevy Acadias manufactured in those 3 months. Don't you feel fulfilled now?  No?  That's because you need to go through the whole magazine, silly.  Hey, you can also read about dealer incentives! In one convenient package!  Find out what it feels like to touch glossy paper again.  Aaaaah.

Automotive News

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Anonymous said...

Plus, right there in the library .... plus, no snarky comments like Consumer Reports (aka the Home Office).