Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mills Sisters

Hayley Mills turned 65 Monday!  How gray am I?  Coolest name ever - who called their kid 'Hayley' in the 50's?  Oh, the British.  I'm not a big Pollyanna fan, but loved her in films in which she was less sweet. Remember the deliciously snide little tune "Pink of Perfection"?  That was Hayley getting catty in Summer Magic. Then in That Darn Cat she got... a little feline pet. Har! Our Hayley also sang in The Parent Trap.  Who could forget "let's get together, yeah yeah yea, we'll have a real good ti-ime"?  Not my poor parents after we sang it 27,049 times during various car trips.  Then there is my favorite nun movie of all time The Trouble with Angels.  Hayley and her bang-straightening chum got up to all sorts of capers. I was very disappointed in the ending. So not scathingly brilliant. Hey,wondering who the other sister was?  Juliet Mills of Nanny and the Professor!  That show taught us there's nothing a woman in a cape and a Sherlock Holmes hat can't fix.  Learning!

Hayley Mills at the DMPL

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