Monday, April 25, 2011

Plantar Fasciitis is a Pain in the Foot

I know 3 people who have had this condition.  And I don't know that many people, so I consider this an epidemic.  By the way, can you believe the double i's?  Was that really necessary?   Plantar fasciitis effects more than 2 million people every year and that's just in the U.S.  Could it  have anything to do with the shoes, hmmmm?  The pain, as you can see in the lovely illustration, is not actually at the point of the plantar fascia.  But if the old plantar fascia gets strained or overstretched it will get inflamed and it's gonna hurt.  The condition can be caused by running, jumping, or just standing too long.  So napping looks better and better.

Source:  Easing the pain of plantar fasciitis.
Harvard Women's Health Watch; Aug2007, Vol. 14 Is. 12, p4-5, 2p, 5
as accessed through EBSCOHost

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